Carrot Nutrition:

Baby carrots

There are so many types of vegetables in the market. In winter season carrot is available in market abundantly. Colorful vegetable means a lot of vitamins and minerals. Today we will go to discuss about carrot’s nutritional values.

A 7.5-inch-long carrot contains about-

Energy 72 kcal

Fat 68 gm

Protein negligible

Sodium 233 mg

Potassium 51 mg

Calcium 32 mg

Phosphorus 24 mg

Iron 10 mg

Beta-Carotin 20,253 micro gm

Carrot also contains Thiamin, Riboflavin, Pyridoxin, Cyanocobalamin, Pantothenic acid and vitamin K. So only one carrot can provide so many of our required nutrients in an instance. Let’s see what other things a carrot can do.

Eye sight:

Carrots super power is it can help us in maintaining a very good health of our eye sight. It helps us to prevent so many kinds of eye problems such as Xerophthalmia, Night blindness, Cataract etc. Carrot contains Lutein which reduces the chance of blurry eye sight with age. With increasing age, it is becoming hard to read and write without glasses. One carrot daily can help you to reduce the problem.  

To Prevent Cancer:

Carrot contains carotenoids and anthocyanin. Both of them causes the color of carrot. They act as anti-cancer agent. So include a carrot in your daily food habit, it will help you to prevent cancer.

Heart Health:

Carrots anti oxidents are very useful to prevent heart diseases. Hypertensive people can eat a carrot to prevent getting high pressure as it contains a good amount of potassium. Potassium helps to control the high pressure.

Bowel health:

Carrot contains a good amount of fiber. Fiber is very helpful for a regular bowel movement. A carrot can help you if you have constipation issues and can prevent Piles and other gastrointestinal diseases.

Bone Health:

Vitamin K and calcium both are required for a good bone metabolism. Both of them are present in carrot. So they can help us to maintain a good bone also.

Anti-aging property:

There are so many kinds of anti-aging cosmetics in market. We rush for them regularly. Do you know carrot itself is an anti-aging food? If you are concerned about your aging and look, you easily can incorporate one carrot in your daily diet.

We can take carrot both in raw and cooked form. But it is much better to take it in raw form so that the vitamins can remain intact. Diabetic patients can take carrot in small amount daily. But renal patients should have to cautious about carrot intake because it contains potassium. All other people can take carrot daily without any problem.

Be happy, be healthy.

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